We gather local pricing and market information on what consumers pay for basic goods.

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Grocerybear is a brokerage for market intelligence. We believe that there is a significant disconnect between commodity level pricing available to traders on Wall Street and actual underlying market fundamentals. We seek to bridge this gap by providing data that reflects the on the ground experience of real humans.

We offer a comprehensive application programming interface (API) so that you can programatically obtain our data and automatically implement it in your proprietary trading, risk, and supply chain models.

We currently support 10 cities for which we provide daily updated pricing information. Our API is free, and allows programatic queries against all cities for 7 key food categories: eggs, bread, milk, steak, orange juice, rice, and butter.



Our data can be used for a variety of near-real time modeling tasks.

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You can easily parameterize API calls to return just what you need.

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We also offer live charts on our basic data feed.

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Currently, we are offering free access to our API. If you end up using our data for a model or project, we would love to hear about it! Stay in touch :)

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